Keystone Insurers Group

You depend on us, as your insurance advisor, to protect you and your business.  Our services are backed by a powerful partner, Keystone Insurers Group. Keystone Insurers Group offers highly successful agencies all across the nation the opportunity to join forces and become part of one larger elite network with greater resources, more bargaining power and significantly more clout in the insurance world. In 2013, The Harbin Agency qualified to become a member of Keystone. The selection process was thorough and difficult. We are honored to be a part of something so exclusive and so influential.

Becoming a member of Keystone now makes us part of the 3rd largest privately-owned agency in the country with more than 260 other partner agencies located in 9 states (and growing). As a member of Keystone, our premium volume has effectively jumped to $2.2 billion, and we now have access to more than 200 companies. Keystone employs over 70 insurance professionals dedicated to serving the partner agencies and their clients.

Being part of the Keystone network allows us to acquire the many benefits and resources of a larger agency. Yet, we are still able to remain completely independent and to continue giving the personal service and expertise you have come to expect from our team.

You need an insurance plan that embraces all of the things that make your business unique. As a Keystone partner, we have access to products, services, and programs you might not expect from an independent agent. Here is a brief summary of the solutions we offer.

  • Specialty Programs – Provides custom commercial insurance programs for businesses that have significant coverage and risk management challenges.
  • Risk Management – Identifies, evaluates, and manages the loss exposures common to large commercial ventures. Keystone can strengthen your existing risk management team, or act as a leased risk management department.
  • Risk Solutions – Provides markets for businesses with multi-state, national, and international risks. This division allows agents to meet the needs of commercial clients requiring greater expertise or carrier involvement, and provides captives when needed.
  • Claims Management – Maintains relationships with high-level insurance company claims executives, providing dedicated assistance when claims occur.

When you see the Keystone logo next to ours, know that you have a powerful team of experts looking out for your business. Learn more about the Keystone Insurers Group.